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What happens when you mix a traditional barbeque and a smoker into a single unit with a unified experience? You get the Apex grill. Most combo grills use a side-by-side layout where each chamber is half-size which limits cooking volume. The Apex grill puts it all into a single chamber so users can maximize their grilling or smoking potential and easily switch between the two modes. The Apex is also smart and can be operated remotely which is a huge timesaver when it comes to smoking which is a lengthy process.

Camp Chef retained Rocketship to explore the visual embodiment of their technology in a product that created a seamless experience for their users. Looking first at the essentials, the design took on an “exoskeleton” theme where the structure was externalized with the core features suspended within.

Learning from previous Camp Chef products such as the Woodwind, the design improved various user experiences such as covering the interactive display to prevent sun damage, adding storage for accessories, and creating an integrated cradle for the propane canister.

The Apex officially debuted at the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver this season and we’re excited to see what users will cook up with it.

See the Apex on our work page or on Camp Chef’s site.

A sighting of the Apex Grill at the Outdoor Retailer show (summer 2022)

Early sketch-rendered concept for the Apex Grill