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Our diverse experience
drives unexpected solutions


We challenge assumptions
in a collaborative way


All of the ideas we present
can actually be made

Good Design Makes A Difference!

Rocketship is an award-winning, full-service design & innovation firm. We are dedicated to helping our clients bring their products to market – products that matter. Fueled by passion and purpose, we use our PXD methodology to create products that are functional, intuitive and expressive – transforming great ideas into product experiences that people care about.

For over 20 years, Rocketship has worked across multiple disciplines and categories on 700+ projects for global brands and innovative start-ups that both advance the human experience and contribute to business success.


» Design, Innovation & Brand Strategy
» Trends & User Research
» Concept Design and Development
» Digital, Visual & Packaging Design
» User Interface/Experience (UI/UX)
» Electrical Engineering & Design
» Design for Manufacture & Assembly
» Manufacturing/Production Liaison