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InstaFire has just launched the Vesta and already they are noticing a difference in how quickly word has spread. The Vesta is a self-powered indoor space heater and stove which was inspired by the need for safe heating and cooking during the 2021 grid failure in Texas during one of the coldest winters in recent history. Unfortunately, there were many residents who turned to heating solutions which were unsafe for indoor use. InstaFire’s founders Konel and Frank went to work to develop a clean air solution that could also function as a cooking surface. After some initial prototypes were developed they reached out to us at Rocketship and pulled us into the effort. It was a fast process since we wanted to beat the upcoming 2022 winter.

From what we’ve heard, even though advertising hasn’t started yet sales have taken off and exceeded all predictions. More units are on order and they hope to keep ahead of demand. The Vesta is certainly a hot product for the season.

We’re proud to have been involved in the development of the Vesta and were able to see several innovative ideas make it through to the final design. The front drawer on the Vesta allows easy access to the three canned heat fuel sources without burning fingers. The drawer itself also locks multiple parts in place when closed. For example, it locks the radiator, cooking grate, and snuffer into their compartments so they stay assembled while being carried around.

The radiator includes a piezoelectric fan which is powered by the heat. InstaFire was able to work out the best fuel to heat output with extensive testing and we were amazed at the amount of heat they were able to get out of it. With the success of the Vesta we’re looking forward to the launch of our next joint project with InstaFire (coming early 2023).

You can find the Vesta on InstaFire’s website here.