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“Feather the Owl” continues to see great success in the market as a leading diffuser solution for children. Feather was an immediate smash hit when it debuted in 2019. Young Living’s entire inventory was sold out within 3 hours of launching. A limited edition “Snowy the Owl” has seen a similar response with its speckled white plumage.

Good Housekeeping has selected Feather the Owl as a parenting award winner naming it a “Dreamy Diffuser”. They had this to say about Feather:

“This resourceful and cute owl from Young Living works as an essential-oil diffuser, a night light, a noise machine and more. Adjust the aromatic modes, noise variations and light options to create a customized experience.

“LAB RESULTS: Our tester panel gave it rave reviews, with parents saying it was more useful than other diffusers they’d tried. They found it easy to use and especially liked its adjustability, soothing sounds and kid-friendly design.”

Rocketship was honored to have been able to work alongside Young Living development teams to breath life into the titular character (see more here). Feather has taken on a life of its own with countless 3rd party accessories popping up on sites like Etsy and knockoffs being made by competitors. We’re excited to see where Feather will show up next!

Feather the Owl customizations abound on sites like Etsy and Pinterest