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Meet the latest addition to Rocketship’s team: the Form 2! The high-resolution 3D printer is already being put to work for our current clients, and is available for anyone to utilize. Just send a CAD model to and we’ll send you a quote.

With a maximum build volume of 145×145×175 mm, the 3D printer delivers resolution up to .025 mm! Larger parts can be quickly divided and printed in multiple runs. With multiple resins, Rocketship is able to print white, gray, black, clear, and flexible parts.

While the more common printers use fused deposition modeling (FDM), the From 2 uses stereolithography (SLA) to achieve a higher resolution. FDM printers eject beads of material like a hot glue gun which creates rough parts with ridges and layers while high resolution SLA parts are made by curing layers of resin with a laser that allows very fine details and finishes.

Formlab’s comparison of FDM and SLA parts.