InstaFire • Vesta
This self-powered indoor space heater and stove is a win for winter preparedness. The original idea came in response to the national news in Texas where the power grid failed and millions or residents were without electricity during one of the coldest winters in recent history. Many people used unsafe heating solutions to keep their homes livable. InstaFire looked for ways to bring heat into the home using safe fuel and retained Rocketship to develop the compact and multi-functional Vesta. The lightweight and compact design allows the Vesta to be used both as a heater and as a cooking appliance using the same canned heat fuel. When used as a heater the piezoelectric fan turns on automatically without power and can heat a room up to 200 ft². The design was made to store compactly with interlocking features to keep everything secured and ready for whenever the next winter emergency strikes.

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