Braintreehouse • Sketchboard Pro and Sketchboard 2.0
Digital artists can now breath a sigh of relief. The Sketchboard Pro is a drawing board designed for iPad artists. The Sketchboard Pro supports natural sketching posture by extending the flush boarders of the iPad that allows draw-through and wrist support. A silicone cradle can be swapped out to hold each of the leading iPad form factors. The 1.0 includes four legs on the underside of the board can fold out into various configurations to angle the product at the artist in both portrait and landscape orientations and able to hold 25 pounds without breaking a sweat. The 2.0 sports magnetic peg legs which slim the product even further and provide even more drawing angles. Rocketship carried the original idea from concept to reality including design for manufacturing and production and worked with its sister company Ship One to get Sketchboards all around the globe.

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